21 Tips To Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes – Tips 16-21

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Tip 16: Vinegar, especially the natural vinegar with the mother like Braggs brand, is good to take daily. One tablespoon per day is ideal. Put this on your salad instead of oil and vinegar dressings.

Tip 17: Realize that more than 99% of your pancreas secretes digestive enzymes that break down that food you eat. This means all food travels through your pancreas. The other 1% of your pancreas contains what are called islet cells. They are the endocrine (secreted into the blood) function of the pancreas. So it makes very specific hormones and very specific proteins that it puts into the blood. The reason I’m saying this is to make you realize what you eat is super important. Lean towards a whole foods plant based diet. One of my colleague doctor friends, who has been very successful also in reversing type 2, uses the acronym GBOMBS. Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds.Do your best to eat these foods daily.

Tip 18: Protect your liver and muscle tissue. Many type 2 diabetics have pancreas problems that can regain normal function by not abusing the liver with things like excessive alcohol and ensuring your muscle tissues get plenty of the right nutrients. Eating meat is not necessarily good. Plenty of protein is derived from vegetables. Get good rest, watch over use of alcohol, nobody likes a drunk anyway, and eat lots of green and yellow vegetables.

Tip 19: Eat intact whole grains. The ones that aren’t processed. Some people are gluten intolerant so be careful of wheat if you are gluten intolerant. Bread is not good because the grains are processed. To make these intact whole grains easier to cook, soak them in water for a few hours before preparing.

Tip 20: Be very careful what you add to your food. Salad dressings can be very bad. Also mayonnaise in potato salad is another example of additives to eliminate. Watch extra salt especially if you eat canned foods because it’s been added as a preservative.

Tip 21: Learn to read food labels. Make sure Fat is <20% of calories per serving.Here is how you do this so pay close attention.Divide # of calories from fat by # of calories per serving. E.g. lets say the label says: Calories are 270 per serving and Calories from Fat are 25.Then you would divide 25 by 270. So in this case you are good to go because the answer is 9.2% or less than half of our target of less than 20%.This is a super important tip and worth lots to you. Many people pay lots of money to learn what you’ve just learned. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. All these tips are super important.

There’s so much more to know but this is a solid start. Isn’t that exciting? Can you see yourself doing these things? Can you really start imagining reversing your type 2 diabetes for good?In my masterclass I go more in depth. We didn’t even cover supplements in depth or diabetic secrets here, so I’ll just leave that for another time.

“The treatments given are all targeted towards blood sugar. That’swrong. We’re treating the symptoms of the disease and not thedisease itself. We’re treating the blood sugar when it’s a disease oftoo much insulin resistance. That’s like treating an alcoholic withmore alcohol.” - Dr. Fung, Diabetes Specialist


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